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  • 6 months ago
  • Posted By : Er. Kumar Naresh
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Why Builders Delay Channel Partner Commissions

The real estate industry is a vast and complex web of players, with builders and channel partners standing as significant pillars. Builders rely on channel partners, often referred to as brokers, to facilitate property sales and, in turn, channel partners expect timely commission payments for their services. However, a common and pervasive issue in this industry is the delay in commission payments by builders to their channel partners. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons behind these delays, the perpetuating cycle of deferred payments, and propose solutions to address this longstanding problem.

Why Builders Delay Commission Payments

One of the primary reasons behind builders delaying commission payments is that they are not legally bound to make early payments to their channel partners. Unlike fixed contracts, where payment timelines are explicitly defined, the commission structure often lacks legal obligations for prompt settlements. This legal flexibility leaves room for exploitation by builders, who can take advantage of the absence of clear regulations.

Furthermore, another significant factor contributing to the problem is the reluctance of channel partners to object to these delays. Many brokers in the real estate industry fear future financial losses if they voice concerns about overdue commissions. This fear is often well-founded, given that a builder may have the power to direct clients away from a particular channel partner or even terminate the partnership entirely.

The Perpetual Cycle of Delays

The perpetuating cycle of delayed commission payments in the real estate industry is an intricate issue. Builders launch new projects before releasing commissions owed from previous projects. This pattern leaves channel partners in a continuous state of financial uncertainty. As one project leads to another, the commission from the initial project remains unpaid, perpetuating the financial strain on channel partners.

A key aspect of this cycle is the fact that builders often use these unpaid commissions as a form of interest-free financing. By withholding funds owed to channel partners, builders can reallocate these resources to fund new projects, acquire additional properties, or cover operational costs. This practice allows builders to operate with reduced financial burdens while channel partners shoulder the financial stress.

Proposed Solutions

Addressing this issue is essential for fostering transparency and trust within the real estate industry. Let's explore some potential solutions to mitigate these problems.

Solution 1: RERA Provision for Timely Payments

One effective solution would be to implement a provision under the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) that mandates timely commission payments to channel partners. By establishing a specific rule, such as requiring builders to release commissions as soon as 20-25% of the payment for a transaction is received, RERA can create a structured payment process. This would prevent builders from indefinitely deferring commission payments, as it would be tied to project milestones.

Implementing such a provision could significantly reduce the financial burden on channel partners and encourage timely payments. Additionally, it would create a more equitable playing field for all participants in the real estate industry.

Solution 2: Clear Payment Schedule Agreements

Another crucial solution is the implementation of clear, detailed payment schedule agreements between builders and channel partners. These agreements would serve as legally binding contracts outlining the terms and schedule for commission payments. Channel partners and builders could work together to negotiate and agree on these terms upfront.

Builders should be encouraged, if not required, to sign these agreements when channel partners become part of their distribution network. Presently, many builders avoid signing agreements at the outset, and even those that do rarely include clauses related to commission payment schedules. By establishing these agreements, both parties can set clear expectations, reducing disputes and ensuring timely payments.

Benefits of Implementing Solutions

Implementing the proposed solutions offers numerous benefits to both builders and channel partners. For builders, complying with RERA provisions for timely commission payments and signing clear payment schedule agreements can improve their reputation and credibility in the industry. A transparent and fair approach to commission payments is likely to attract more reputable channel partners who can enhance sales and lead to a positive impact on the bottom line.

For channel partners, the benefits are equally significant. Timely commission payments reduce financial uncertainty, increase financial stability, and enhance business planning. The ability to work within an environment where commissions are paid on schedule ensures that channel partners can grow their businesses with confidence.


The delay in commission payments to channel partners within the real estate industry has been an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed. Builders are not legally bound to make early payments, and channel partners often fear financial repercussions if they challenge the delays. The perpetuating cycle of delays is a complex issue that puts significant financial strain on channel partners.

However, there are solutions to this problem. By implementing RERA provisions for timely payments and clear payment schedule agreements, the industry can create a fair and transparent ecosystem where everyone benefits. These solutions not only mitigate the financial stress on channel partners but also promote trust and credibility within the industry.

It is essential for the real estate industry to evolve and adapt to these changes to ensure a thriving and equitable environment for all involved. By addressing the issue of delayed commission payments, we can move closer to achieving a more transparent and just real estate industry that benefits both builders and their channel partners.

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