Er. Kumar Naresh


Hi, I'm Kumar Naresh. I'm the creator of BrokersADDA and spend most of my days building the site and thinking of new ways to help real estate brokers do more and better deals. I live in Gurgaon, Haryana. I did my B.E computers long time back ( many of you were not even born at that time :) ). I am a serial entrepreneur with interest in real estate and showbiz. Yes I am a real estate broker also :). So you can say that this platform is built by a broker, for brokers ! The whole idea of BrokersADDA was to connect real estate brokers with like minded brokers and do more and better real estate deals. 


Steps to be followed to get the most out of BrokersADDA 


Signup and complete your profile

You must sign up ( FREE ) and then update your profile. You should upload your profile snap and also can update your specialities. Specialities makes it much easier to find a suitable broker. For example, if you are an expert in hotel buying/selling then you must mention that in your specialities. When you signup with your email id and password, a verification email is sent. Sometimes this email may land in your spam folder. Sometimes depending on your email id , you may not receive the email. IN such case you should sign up with another email.

Subscription system

BrokersADDA is based on subscription system. Subscribed users can do unlimited listings. Subscribed users can do FREE responds also. In fact most of the business functionalities are for subscribed members only.

How the real estate business happens on BrokersADDA ?

When a broker list a property it appears in the listings search page. A broker can list a property of a society or of general properties. A broker can list from 80000+ societies and widest range of general properties. Other subscribed brokers can respond on that listing as per their speciality. The broker who listed a property will be able to check the responding brokers and then he/she can initiate the deal. Once the deal is successfully closed, he/she can give a suitable rating and review to the successful broker. This is how the profile of the broker is developed. Needless to say that anybody would like to deal with a broker with better rating and reviews. So if you want more business , then you must respond to suitable listings only and do maximum deals successfully.

Follow system

You can follow any broker and any broker can follow you. This follow system has huge benefits as whenever you list a property , all your followers are emailed with link to your listing. This results in better responses immediately.

Inner Circle system

Mostly a broker do deals within a closed circle of friends. The Inner circle system actually replicates that system. You can create your own inner circle and let others join your circle or you can join other inner circles. Whenever anybody within an inner circle, list a property , the listing link is emailed to all the inner circle members. This results in instant response for your listings.

Guys, I developed this site from scratch. So you can imagine the quantum of effort gone into this platform ! But that also means that there will be lot of bugs also ! I request you to inform me for any bugs in the platform. I will rectify it at the earliest. It’s a big site so bugs are bound to happen.

I also request you to contact me  with your suggestions and feedback. That will help me in improving the platform. Improvement is always an ongoing activity and your feedback will be highly appreciated. Feel free to write me at